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Semiconductor Wear-out Failures

Semiconductors fail whenever they hit the capabilities of their basic durability. This period is named the region of wear-out failures, and reveals the life of various failure modes of semiconductors. Wear-out failures differ with variations in the stresses applied to...

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Burn-in Testing

Burn-in testing is the process by which a system detects early failures in semiconductor components (infant mortality), thereby increasing a semiconductor component reliability. Normally burn-in tests are performed on electronic devices such as laser diodes with an...

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Laser Diode Reliability

The majority of semiconductor device reliability modeling is done using the exponential probability distribution model, which assumes the semiconductor has a constant failure rate and there is no wear-out mechanism. However, there are a number of factors which affect...

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Laser Diode LIV

Laser diodes, the devices that illuminate telecom fiber-optic cables, require light-current-voltage (LIV) measurements during production. These measurements let you characterize a laser diode's light output and forward voltage as a function of input current. Testing a...

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Halt Testing

Highly accelerated life testing (HALT) is a method used to test solid-state electronics and determine failure modes, operational limits, and destruct limits and design weaknesses over rapid test time. This test method differs significantly from reliability tests. HALT...

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What is a Photodiode

The job of the photodiode to convert the light energy received from the laser diode into electrical energy. Photons absorbed by the photodiode excite electrons within the photodiode in a process called intrinsic absorption. When stimulated with an outside bias...

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What Is a Laser Diode

A laser diode falls under the category of optoelectronics which is a branch of electronics that deals with light-emitting and light-detecting devices. A laser diode is a special LED or IRED with a relatively large and flat P-N junction. How a Laser Diode Works Laser...

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Wafer Level Burn In & Test

Wafer-level Test and Burn-in (WLTBI) refers to the process of subjecting semiconductor devices to electrical testing and burn-in while they are still in wafer form.  The increasing complexity of SoC (System on Chip: commonly known as an “IC” or “chip”) has placed...

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