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Company Overview

Electron Test Equipment Limited provides leading-edge semiconductor test equipment and we have earned an excellent reputation for the quality and reliability of our semiconductor reliability test equipment.

We understand that your company needs to reduce development time of your semiconductors and move to production rapidly. We are here to assist you with equipment that ensures your semiconductors will last and increase your company’s profit. 

How We Are Different

Leading-Edge Technology

The ATE-LASER & ATE-PHOTODIODE are the industry’s most advanced and affordable automated test equipment (ATE) for semiconductor reliability testing. Various performance measurements include: Failure-in-Time (FIT) and Mean Time to Failure (MTTF).

The Electron line of ATE for semiconductors is the only affordable solution that utilizes semiconductor parameters and ultra-low current measurements that can simultaneously measure 1026 semiconductor components for: Dark Current (Reverse Bias), I-V, Voc, Isc, Vmax, Imax, Imin.

Exceptional Service

Our company provides you and your team with exceptional real-time remote support, training, integration, and software configuration.

 Customized Solutions

We provide custom solutions for semiconductor manufacturing and electronic assembly companies that need to meet various test standards to ensure that their product meets their demanding requirements.