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LIV Test System for Laser Diodes

The light-current-voltage (LIV) sweep test is a fundamental measurement to determine the operating characteristics of a laser diode.

Our LIV Test System is designed for applications
that require the highest measurement accuracy and testing of up to 1024 devices at the same time.

Combined Source & Measurement

The versatile LIV Test System combines source and measurement devices into one system. The LIV Test System is a compact and cost-effective Source/Measure Unit (SMU) with the capability to output and measure both voltage and current of 64 to 1024 laser diode devices. The LIV Test System provides the capability to assess the laser characteristics of all devices across all four measurement quadrants without the need for additional equipment.

photodiode burn-in test

Source Voltage

photodiode burn-in test

Source Current

photodiode burn-in test

Meter Voltage

photodiode burn-in test

Meter Current

How The LIV Test System Works

Semiconductor diodes are placed in an environmental chamber at a set temperature and current and is applied to the laser diodes  at interval steps (LIV test sweep) and the intensity of the resulting emitted light and voltage is measured.

The final laser diode LIV test results are displayed onto a graph which is known as an “LIV curve”.  The following characterization can be determined based on the LIV measurement: Power vs. current ; Power vs. voltage ; Threshold current ; Series resistance ; Slope efficiency.

LIV Test System Features

The custom LIV Test System comes with various hardware configurations and is customizable for various LIV test conditions for your  laser diode.

Standard Features include:

  • Test 64 to 1024 laser diodes
  • Easily switch DUT (device under test) boards from TO-Can to Butterfly package
  • Power Monitoring & UPS Backup
  • Ethernet Communication
  • Custom Input & Output Interface Connectors
  • Custom interface control with third-party environmental chambers
  • An easy to use GUI software provides real-time testing and functional reports

Test Standards

With advanced software test configurations, you can customize settings that meet various organization test standards such as the Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-468-CORE, MIL-STD-883E, and Test Method 1016.

Packaged IC

For packaged ICs, we manufacture a custom interface fixture for packaged lasers to ensure proper connectivity and test reliability.

Software Support

Our dedicated support staff provides outstanding training and will help your team configure the software for your application.

Depending on your requirements, the software can be customized to meet your semiconductor test requirements. When you choose an Electron Test Equipment product you not only get the most advanced semiconductor test equipment – you receive outstanding support and service.

Designed to Work With All Environmental Test Chambers

The LIV Test System works with all environmental test chambers for various environmental conditions for your laser diode.

Specifications & Gallery

Reliability Test LIV Results
Measured Quantities LIV Curve
Number Test Components 64 – 1024
Voltage Accuracy (Measured) 0.1% + -15mV
Current Range 1mA – 5,000 mA
Current Accuracy (Measured) 0.1% of Full Scale
Source Measure Board Custom Interface Test Fixture
Voltage Programming Resolution 0.1 V to 5 V, 64 steps
Maximum Current 5,000mA
Default Current Measurement Resolution Analog to Digital 13 bit
Scan Time 2 to 6 seconds
Input Voltage 110V – 240V AC
Power Consumption 220 Watts
System Dimensions (mm) L-515 x W-477 x H-395 (size based on 64 component testing)
Material: Aluminum/Steel
Increases semiconductor reliability through precise and affordable semiconductor reliability testing that measures up to 1024 laser diode semiconductors simultaneously.