Semiconductor Test Equipment

Our line of custom ATE Semiconductor Test Equipment is the industry’s most advanced and affordable system for burn-in testing, accelerated aging, and qualification testing for photodiode and laser diode semiconductors.

We provide semiconductor test solutions for wafer level and packaged ICs.

Versatile Testing Conditions

The Reliability Product Tester (RPT) is versatile and is compatible with various environmental test chambers to meet industry test standards.

Accurate & Affordable

Startups to Enterprise can benefit from the cost effective automated test equipment for accelerated life testing and burn-in of photodiodes & laser diode semiconductors.

Exceptional Support

Electron Test Equipment provide exceptional support through training and setup and will help your team with advanced testing conditions.

Test 1024 Semiconductors Simultaneously

Our semiconductor test equipment is unlike any other product reliability tester. Most product reliability testing systems will test one device at a time and come with limited environmental testing conditions.

Our advanced automated test equipment allows you to test up to 1024 devices at a time and provides precise control over the testing conditions. The Innova RPT-Laser & RPT-Photodiode systems work with all environmental test chambers for accelerated life testing and semiconductor product reliability.

Increases semiconductor product reliability testing through accurate and affordable equipment that automatically measures up to 1024 photodiode or laser diode semiconductor devices simultaneously.

Works With All Environmental Test Chambers

Our automated test equipment for photodiode & laser diodes work with all environmental test chambers for accelerated life testing, burn-in, and semiconductor product reliability:

  • Temperature Chamber
  • Humidity & Moisture Chamber
  • Vibration Chamber
  • Pressure Chamber

Semiconductor Test Standards

Our Semiconductor Test Equipment has advanced configuration and settings to test your semiconductor laser diodes & photodiodes to ensure the tests are meeting organization test standards such as:

Product Reliability Testing for All Applications

Whether your photodiode or laser diode semiconductor is used in aerospace, telecommunication, transportation or consumer applications – the reliability of your product means success or failure.

Be sure your semiconductor will last.

Find out how the most advanced automated test equipment for semiconductor reliability can save your company millions.

Advancing Semiconductor Reliability



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