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Photodiode Test Systems

Our ATE Photodiode Test systems ensure your photodiodes meet demanding military and telecom reliability standards by testing your photodiode device in conditions such as: thermal shock (as low as -75° C), humidity ( 20% to 95% RH), or high temperatures ( up to 180° C) for burn-in and accelerated aging.

Burn-in, Humidity & Reliability Testing

Our Burn-in Test & Product Reliability System for photodiodes provide a cost effective and high-performance system for accelerated life testing, burn-in, and humidity testing.

Versatile Testing

Easily test various photodiode packages including TO or butterfly type.

Humidity & Sub Zero Testing

Flexibility to test with various environmental chambers for HALT, humidity and sub-zero temperature testing.

Software & Reporting

Easy to navigate dashboard and functional graphing & reporting with remote access.

Measurement & Tests

The test system measures: Dark Current, I-V, Voc, Isc, Vmax, Imax, Imin. Reliability testing: FIT & MTTF.

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