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Laser Diode Test Systems

Our range of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for laser diode testing provides semiconductor manufacturers with versatile environmental testing (humidity, sub zero, high temp) , LIV Testing, ACC, APC, Burn-in Testing, Accelerated Life Testing & Reliability Testing of laser diodes. 

Our Burn-in Test & Reliability System for laser diodes provide a cost effective and high-performance system for accelerated life testing, burn-in, and qualification testing. 

Testing Ranges & Accuracy

Laser diode current range from 150 mA to 15A with a current accuracy of 0.1% Full Scale.

Custom DUT Boards

Custom laser diode test fixture boards are built to meet your packaging & test specification.

Software & Reporting

Easy to use touch screen interface provides real-time testing and functional graphing & reporting.

Types of Tests

Light Intensity, Forward Voltage, Bias Current, Dark Current, V-max, I-max, I-min, FIT & MTTF

Our LIV Test System (Light – Current – Voltage) is used to verify laser diode characterization and ensure the quality of manufacturing and the performance of the laser. 

Custom Laser Diode Mount

We provide custom laser diode mounts for various packages ranging from TO-CAN to sub mount.

Number of Measured Devices

Our LIV laser test systems are built to test 64 to 1024 laser diodes at a time.

Software & Reporting

Easy to use touch screen GUI and functional graph & reporting for detailed analysis.

SQL Database Storage

All data is can be store in SQL and easily integrates with third party dashboard reporting. 

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