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Wafer Level Burn In & Test

Wafer-level Test and Burn-in (WLTBI) refers to the process of subjecting semiconductor devices to electrical testing and burn-in while they are still in wafer form.  The increasing complexity of SoC (System on Chip: commonly known as an “IC” or “chip”) has placed...

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Burn-in Chamber

A burn-in chamber is an environmental oven used to evaluates the reliability of multiple semiconductor devices and performs large capacity screenings for premature failure (infant mortality). These environmental chambers are designed for static and dynamic burn-in of...

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Burn-in Board for Reliability Testing

Semiconductor equipment that test and screen out early failures during the “infant mortality” stage are put on a board known as “Burn-in Board”. On a burn-in board, there are multiple sockets to place the semiconductor device (ie. laser diode or photodiode). The...

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Accelerated Life Testing

Learn more about our various reliability testing services including our ALT Testing Services. The article below explains the process of Accelerated Life Testing and why it is important to your engineering team. An Accelerated life Test (ALT) applies to the type of...

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