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Reliability Testing Services

Electron Test Equipment provides product reliability testing services to ensure your semiconductor and optoelectronic devices meet reliability, quality assurance, and compliance standards.

We offer full-service solutions for component and electronic assemblies used in industries such as telecom, medical, defense, automotive, and aerospace.

Environmental Chambers

Test your device in our environmental chambers for conditions such as humidity, sub-zero and high temperature.

Electrical Testing

Various electrical tests are performed to assure electrical operating conditions and safety standards are met.

HALT Testing Services

We perform temperature and thermal cycles on your device to rapidly discover design and manufacturing weakness.

Compliance Testing

We test your device to compliance standards such as: Telcordia, MIL-STD, JEDEC, IEC.

Product Reliability Testing for Electronics & Semiconductors

Our product reliability testing assesses the lifetime performance of your component or electronic assembly to minimize the risk of failure and identify critical design issues. Our facility has a range of environmental test chambers to accommodate any device. 

Our electronic reliability engineering services include comprehensive services including test plan preparation, testing, root cause analysis, and support for product design & reliability improvement. 


HALT Testing Services

We provide High Accelerated Lifetime Testing (HALT) Services on semiconductors, IC (integrated circuits), and electronic assemblies by effectively forcing product weakness to emerge through accelerated fatigue. We perform the test to determine the operating and destruct limits of a design.

Our engineering team would be happy to help determine a HALT testing solution for your application.

HALT Testing Explained

With our HALT testing service, stresses are applied in a controlled environmental and we increment the stress on the electronic device and continously measure the circuit and monitor for failures. HALT is an invaluable method to uncover design weaknesses and is used at both the system as well as assembly level.

Once the weaknesses of the product is determined, we provide your engineers with the data so that they can clearly understand the limits of your product and make corrective changes to maximize product reliability.

HALT Testing Process

We use the following HALT Testing  process to determine product reliability:

  • High temperature step stress
  • Low temperature step stress
  • Vibration step stress
  • Rapid thermal cycling


The Importance of HALT

Our HALT Testing Services provide your engineers with the opportunity to improve product design, increasing the product durability and minimizing electronic failure which would result in costly warranty services and expensive product recalls.

Accelerated Life Testing Services

We perform Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) services by subjecting the semiconductor devices to conditions that simulate years of use by accelerating the operational time using various environmental stress tests. With ALT testing, we uncover potential modes of early wear-out or failure that would effect the product reliability.

This test differs from HALT testing since our test conditions do not test for destruct limits.

Verifying 20 Years of Use

Any device can be tested for Accelerate Life Testing. For example, a test was performed on a electronic PV inverter and the requirement was to test for accelerate 20 years of use and determine failure points.

By calculating the acceleration factor (Arrhenius Equation) and using various environmental tests, the test results were available in a matter of months.

Our product reliability testing assesses the lifetime performance of your device or assembly to minimize the risk of failure.

ALT Testing Process

Unlike HALT Testing, we do not require to use incremental steps and do not force the device to destruct limits. We use various environmental tests conditions to simulate accelerated life of the product:


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Voltage

No matter what industry you are in, it is crucial to have detailed knowledge about the reliability and operating limits of your semiconductor component or electronic assembly.

Our environmental testing, electrical testing, and analysis will ensure a quality and reliable product to your end user.

Be sure your semiconductor will last.

Compliance Standards

Our lab and partner labs in Europe and USA conduct testing to meet demanding compliance standards such as:


  • Telcordia GR-468-CORE
  • MIL-STD-883E / (750)
  • IEC 60068-2

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