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 Custom Automatic Test Equipment

We manufacture custom Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)Semiconductor Test Equipment for testing electronic components and devices used in the telecom, defense, automotive & medical industry.

We also provide Reliability Testing Services to test your electronic devices or components for product reliability through burn-in testing, accelerated life testing, and environment chamber testing.

Versatile Testing Conditions

Our custom automatic test equipment is compatible with various climatic test chambers such as humidity, sub-zero, and high temperature testing.

Precision & Cost-Effective

Startups to Enterprise can benefit from our cost effective automatic test equipment for accelerated life testing and burn-in of semiconductors.


Exceptional Support

Electron Test Equipment provides exceptional support through training and setup and will help your team with product reliability & testing solutions.

 Automatic Test Equipment Showcase

One example of custom automatic test equipment we manufacture is for the optoelectronic & photonics industry. The ATE-Laser & ATE-Photodiode test systems provide precise test and measurement control for over 64 laser diodes (Continuous Wave & Pulse Wave) or photodiode (PIN diode) components.

The system is designed to meet demanding military and telecom reliability standards by testing for sub zero thermal shock (as low as -75° C), humidity ( 20% to 95% RH), or high temperatures ( up to 180° C) used for burn-in, accelerated aging, and product characterization.

Our engineering team can create a custom ATE solution for your application.

Custom Test Equipment Solutions

We manufacture custom test equipment for testing electronic systems that require various test & measurements such as temperature extremes & vibration to ensure components do not fail in mission critical applications.


  • Defense & Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Telecommunication
  • Automotive

Increases semiconductor product reliability testing through accurate and cost-effective semiconductor test equipment that automatically measures and control up to 1024 semiconductor devices simultaneously in various environmental conditions (humidity, high temp, sub zero).

Environmental Test Chambers

Our custom test equipment operate with all environmental test chambers for accelerated life testing, burn-in, and semiconductor product reliability:

  • Temperature Chamber
  • Humidity & Moisture Chamber
  • Vibration Chamber
  • Pressure Chamber

Semiconductor Test Standards

Our line of semiconductor test equipment has advanced configuration and settings to test your semiconductor devices or components to ensure the tests are meeting organization test standards such as:

Product Reliability Testing

Whether your semiconductor is a photodiode, laser diode, or an electronic assembly – we can test any electronic device for product reliability.

We offer additional support to help your engineers to design for reliability. We can help model MTBF (Meantime Between Failure) and MTTF calculations to determine the product reliability for a specific period of time. 

Be sure your semiconductor will last.

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