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Automatic Test Equipment

We manufacture Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Semiconductor Test Equipment for testing electronic components and devices in the telecom, defense, automotive & medical industries. 

Versatile Automated Testing

Our custom automatic test equipment is compatible with various climatic test chambers such as humidity, sub-zero, and high temperature testing.

Precision & Cost-Effective

Startups to Enterprise can benefit from our cost effective electronic test equipment for accelerated life testing and burn-in of semiconductors with LIV testing.


Exceptional Support for Engineers

Electron Test Equipment provides exceptional support for engineers through training and setup. We will help your team with automatic test equipment  & semiconductor testing solutions.

 What is the Purpose of ATE Test?

One example of custom automatic test equipment we manufacture is for the optoelectronic & photonics industry. The ATE-Lase test system  & ATE-Photodiode test systems provide precise test and measurement control for over 64 laser diodes (Continuous Wave & Pulse Wave) or photodiode (PIN diode) components.

The system is designed to meet demanding military and telecom reliability standards by testing for sub zero thermal shock (as low as -75° C), humidity ( 20% to 95% RH), or high temperatures ( up to 180° C) used for burn-in, accelerated aging, and product characterization.

Our engineering team can create a custom ATE solution for your application.

 Automated Test Equipment Showcase

Affiliated aerospace and defense sectors are major customers of automatic test equipment as a consequence of its life-saver, mission-critical, and safety-critical technology used in military aircraft. Electronic equipment and systems need greater evaluation in order to meet the needs of critical security. Consequently, aerospace and defence firms spend considerable time testing and validation before their deployment.

Our customers love the fact that Electron Test Equipment test instruments can find defects in the development process prior to going to production. This computerized machinery can lower costs on production processes and improve the safety of the device used by customers. Our electronic test instruments, including oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, digital multimeters, and arbitrary waveform generators, are essential in identifying defects early in the development process.

Our interface is similar to National Instruments and we offer a full range of products that can test the failure rate of your device. Many manufacturers have tested their products with our automated test equipment and have reduced defects and improved quality. Using our test instruments is much faster than manual testing, allowing for a larger number of tests to be run in a shorter amount of time, reducing product development time and increasing productivity. Spectrum analyzers are particularly useful for measuring frequency components and signal analysis, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of our testing processes.

Our custom automatic test equipment is compatible with various climatic test chambers such as humidity, sub-zero, and high temperature testing. Cost effective testing using automated test equipment is crucial for avionics systems and for the automotive industry.

Our engineering team can create a custom electronic test solution for your application.

Automated Test Equipment Solutions

We manufacture automated test equipment for testing electronic systems that require various test & measurements such as temperature extremes & vibration to ensure components do not fail in mission critical applications. Our equipment supports a range of power supplies, crucial for developing and testing circuits under various conditions. Linear power supplies, known for their low-noise characteristics, are particularly important for sensitive applications.


  • Defense & Aerospace

  • Medical

  • Telecommunication

  • Automotive

    Increases semiconductor product reliability testing through accurate and cost-effective semiconductor test equipment that automatically measures and control up to 1024 semiconductor devices simultaneously in various environmental conditions (humidity, high temp, sub zero).

    Environmental Test Chambers

    Our automated test equipment operate with all environmental test chambers for accelerated life testing, burn-in, and semiconductor testing:

    • Temperature Chamber
    • Humidity & Moisture Chamber
    • Vibration Chamber
    • Pressure Chamber

    Semiconductor Test Standards

    Our line of semiconductor test equipment has advanced configuration and settings to test your semiconductor devices or components using ATE systems to ensure the tests are meeting organization test standards such as:

    Production testing by engineers plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of semiconductor devices. Reliable sources of dc power are essential for developing and testing circuits under various conditions. It also helps lower cost of production and product recalls in the future.

    The importance of test instruments in controlling and capturing data during testing cannot be overstated. A suitable power supply is crucial in ensuring the quality and reliability of semiconductor devices. We cover this range of of measurement and instrument control.


    Measurement and Functionality

    Automated Test Equipment for photodiode testing provides comprehensive functionality to ensure precise and efficient testing using measurement instruments. Vector network analyzers (VNAs) are used to measure the frequency response and noise distortion of signals, enhancing the accuracy of the testing process. The system controls light sources such as LEDs or lasers to deliver accurate light at specific wavelengths and intensities, essential for measuring parameters like responsivity and spectral response. It applies precise bias voltages during testing, which is crucial for evaluating dark current and capacitance.

    Manufacturers and engineers use our system to measure the performance of the photodiode’s output current and voltage with high precision.

    Temperature control capabilities allow for testing under various thermal conditions, which is important for understanding the photodiode’s temperature-dependent behaviors. The automated test equipment software facilitates data acquisition and analysis by collecting test data, performing necessary calculations, plotting response curves, and generating detailed reports.

      Product Reliability Testing

      Whether your semiconductor is a photodiode, laser diode, or an electronic assembly – we can test any electronic device for product reliability.

      We offer additional support to help your engineers to design for reliability. Automated test equipment (ATE) offers significant advantages over manual testing methods by streamlining testing processes, improving accuracy, consistency, and speed, and reducing human intervention. We can help model MTBF (Meantime Between Failure) and MTTF calculations to determine the product reliability for a specific period of time. Automated testing also streamlines the testing process, making it faster, more accurate, and more consistent.

      Be sure your semiconductor will last.

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